Sep 06 2017


Hunger Plus Inc. currently is helping in the following areas:

  1.  HURRICANE HARVEY affected areas.  We have coordinated 2 containers already!
  2.  TEXAS – We are assisting with churches and Missions in South Texas that are plagued by lack of  jobs, housing and a food crisis.   Recently, a DAY OF THE CHILD event was held and Hunger Plus along with our partners were able to donate food and supplies for this special day.  Smiles were so huge!!   We were able to help over 200 children and 100 adults.  In addition  to other families.
  3. We have been taking clothing from on of our partners into Mexico – as this is a requirement by our donor.   People are so appreciative for clean, new clothing.
  4. TEXAS – We sent another container of clothing and supplies to a rural area of South Texas were some people live in homes with dirt floors.  No paved roads and no food to speak of.   These impoverished people are being helped by local Churches.


Where we have helped:

  1.  Tornado victims in Moore, OK
  2. Hurricane Katrina victims
  3. Missions and Churches throughout Texas
  4. Missionaries in Arizona that provide food and supplies to homeless
  5. Food banks, Veterans, Underemployed, Unemployed, Senior Centers and Childcare Centers, Crisis Centers


Hunger Plus, Inc. HELPS!!   We can’t get to everyone, but we try!

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